Friday, May 20, 2011

Bedroom design idea

Probably already know that your bedroom should be their refuge... your oasis... his special place.

It makes sense... In other words, after all, is the place to end your day with and start the day with.

Do not your bedroom makes smile and feel comforted?

Well, if chooses not to be in his bedroom until is dark outside, here are some ideas of design bedroom which will create a soothing, relaxing space.

1 Paint her bedroom in her favorite color.

Waking up to a color you like is the perfect way to start your day.
Do not get involved in a bedroom of what should or should not be.
If you like Orange, then paint the Orange bedroom.

Or paint her bedroom in the complement of his favorite color, and then add accents in her favorite color.

The complement is the color of the opposite side of the color wheel.

Complement of Red is green.

Complement of blue is orange.

Complement of yellow is purple.

Thus, if you like purple, perhaps paint your walls lavendar and add yellow pillows and a glass of yellow tulips.

Use colors that truly enjoys a personal bedroom design.

2 Use of a tissue, but use it everywhere.

Many people are difficlut to coordinate different fabric with success.
In fact, many ideas of design bedroom become too busy with mixtures of plaids and floral.

Therefore, choose a fabric that matches the color of paint and use it in their curtains... in their bed clothes... and even in an upholstered Chair.

If you are really concerned that this is too a fabric, choose a fabric solid to go along with its main fabric.

3. Add candles and lights of mood.

Lighting can improve much more than what can make a design of bedroom.
Yes, you need task lighting lamps, but to really create a bedroom that is shiny, soft and relaxing needs some mood lighting.

This can create with candles, floor cans that light of project upward from the floor, wall of wall and even the lights of image.

4. Add soft textures

Please note that the objective of his idea of design bedroom is quiet and calm.
Therefore, choose to cosy and soft fabrics. Select silks, cottons and before. Terry cloth can even add an unexpected luxury.

Use lots of pillows for comfort and visual interest.

5. Don't forget privacy

On the night, they should not have to worry about privacy. Make sure that your bedroom design ideas include window treatments that cover their Windows at night. This also close the room and add to the coziness of the room.

The idea of design perfect bedroom planning doesn't have to be difficult.

Choose the colors and tissues you want to keep personal... Select illustration that makes you smile and enjoy the process of decoration.


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