Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Theater seating and Design with total control and great Decor

I'm a little confused on how to set up your mini-home cinema? Well, first of all, you do not want an island opposite replete with remotes. No, No, No. What we want is a full control, then you may want to invest about $ 200. for a single remote control that controls everything.

The cheapest way is to use a remote control you already own, like a DVD player remote control remote, but these are limited in functionality. The best option is, of course, the remote control supplied with the home theater receiver. Programming is relatively simple. You simply enter a numeric code associated with a particular piece of equipment and the brand name. If it does not accept the name of the brand, which is why your remote control and receiver only programs known brand names. So the next thing is obviously buy the universal type that supports all things.

The cream of the crop is undoubtedly the type of remote control that allows you to display different menus for different pieces of equipment, through a touch-screen technology. Great for people with vision problems like me.

Decor is of course personal taste, but really puts a suitable vein to cuddle with your sweetheart on a cold winter night, depending on where you live. To me, movie posters, without going overboard, it does the trick. You can normally get for free at your local video store. If you are a regular customer, just ask. Lamination gives a hint of anise. You can also buy on EBAY for vintage ones at reasonable prices. Then laminated them for two reasons; It is more professional looking and last almost forever.

The lighting must be the type of ceiling or wall, traces (not cheap) with adjustable dimming to set the mood.

Seating is available in many choices and prices ($ 1500 to $ 5,000) on average, and again is a matter of personal taste. One thing that is sure is that there will be no drops of rubber stuck under chairs. If you're using a surround sound system (obviosly you should), you'll find the perfect listening area, so be sure to try different scenarios with your seating arrangements, without interfering with infrared if they have wireless surround system.

You should also keep it compact and comfortable as possible. It is a good idea to choose low back seating not to block the surround sound from the rear. Finally, if you're going to have the display for more than three persons, depending on the equipment of your choice, consider using a wooden riser at the second row seat not to block the view. Remember, after all this setting of cinema in miniature with great vision and sound!


Alan said...
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Alan said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. You have defined nice description of Home theater seating. It is very helpful.

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